Sunday, January 30, 2011

"it's for my blog!"

as mentioned in a previous post, i had a chance this weekend to hang out with ma girlfrands! it was so great to see them & catch up.  but it was more than that! it was also a little reminder for me to not take them for granted :)


life gets busy. things come up. people grow apart. people grow closer. 
i'm so lucky and so thankful that i have some great girls in my life to make life's challenges a little less hard. not to mention, how therapeutic is it to sit and talk nonsense for hours while sippin on a cocktail or 2? (or a bottle of bacardi mojito? hehe)
boyfriends/fiances/husbands are amazing in many ways, but, let's be serious! no guy wants to talk about real housewives episodes/ that new favorite nail polish/ should i get bangs?/omg did you see her outfit?/and all things wedding/diamond/jewelery related =)
seeing my friends on friday got me to thinking that we really wait far too long to plan visits! in reality, we are all within an hour and a half of each other, so these get togethers should seriously be more frequent!

with that said, i've decided to make a new years resolution (just one month too late! but still very important!) to plan a date with my girlfriends every month! 
(pretty soon, someone might be having les bebes & then it will really be hard to see each other!)

thank you courtney (& fred!) for entertaining us and sharing your champagne!  
thank you kristen for making me laugh & always flattering me!
thank you sara for the trip down memory lane to our days at the phoenix:)
and thanks to all the guys for putting up with our nonsense!

and a special thanks to this guy for making me feel like i am the most amazing girl in the world<3
love him!

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