Friday, May 11, 2012

friday things

this week has been a whirlwind & i can hardly believe it myself when i say it actually flew by! it was gym & it was work, followed by appointments, and some shopping... glad to have the weekend here!

1. happy to finally be feeling back to myself. that was one wicked stomach bug, lasting just over a week! what the hecckkkk..

2. still excited over details discussed & decided on during last night's appointment with our reception venue coordinator (more to come on that)

3. looking forward to getting some fresh highlights tomorrow. nothing says spring like a little more blonde;)

4. loving our mother's day tradition of whipping up something delicious on sunday for mom

5. heading to the phillies game tonight...let's hope they win!!

happy weekend, friends!

oh, and one more thing!
6. still on a little bit of a rush after completing my ten miler last weekend 10 minutes faster than last year!



  1. Call me and fill me in on all things reception!! And I'm so jel that you're going to the Pillies game tonight. Have fun!