Thursday, March 15, 2012


it's thursday evening & i'm finally just now having a moment to sit down and get all caught up in i have missed thee!!! things have been in full swing around here and i just haven't quite had the time/energy to sit at the computer if there was an opportunity to be sleeping ;)

buttttttttt...yesterday S and i celebrated our -6 month aniversary!!! that's right, only 6 months to go! this past month was all about the BRIDESMAIDS!! three of my girls (the 4th is out of state), my mom & myself had THE best time choosing BM dresses. and to my surprise the process was fairly easy & quick! their dresses are the same fabric as my own dress, so to see them all together looks gorgeous!!
my momma!

afterwards, we had had a fabulous little lunch & then headed back to my apartment for a girls night. my mom hung in there with us for quite some time.  i think she enjoyed the girl talk & the martinis!

my gorrrrrrrrgeous MOH! she is the best!
all of the girls, this was my pre-bachelorette ;)

 coming up this month: flowers!!! here are some ideas i have been gathering via pinterest


so happy tomorrow is friday! this has been a very LONG two weeks & i am ready for things to get back to normal around here!! 


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  1. Such a good time! I can't wait for the dresses to come in so we can do it again :-)

    Love all the flowers! Can't wait to see what you choose <3