Monday, January 16, 2012


..two days ago, on saturday, we hit our 8 month mark! it's crazy to me how fast this time is going by. i remember when we first got engaged, (7 months ago) thinking that we would have plenty of time.. think about how long it takes for 15 months to come & go! we are good on time, i feel as though the planning is where it should be, i'm super excited that it is going at this rate!

on saturday, my mom & i went shopping for HER dress. we tried all the big department stores. you name it, we were there. while she had on some gorgeous gowns, nothing really wowed us. my mom is not going to wear your typical mother of the bride attire.  she is not one for the usual, and i encouraged her to stray away from that look.  i rarely see my mom in dresses, and with this being my wedding, i really wanted to see her glam it up! we eventually found a gorgeous gown, the most beautiful shade of blue-purple you have ever seen! it's asymmetrical, has a little bit of bling, & she looks like a million bucks in it!

by the end of the day we were pooped! shopping is exhausting! but it was also a memory i will never forget, a day i will always remember of laughs, and giggles, and awkward fitting room posing; the day i helped my mom say "yes" to the dress for MY wedding!


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  1. I just got the chills! That is amazing, I cannot wait to see YOU and now her!!! xoxo