Saturday, November 19, 2011

race brain: part II

last night shawn & i made our way to the philadelphia convention center to pick up my race packet and explore the expo.  not one for large crowded spaces, i am so happy we decided to go last night & have made a mental note to do that for future races as well. it was empty! we were able to walk through all of the booths without being bumped and shoved.
can't quite figure out how to rotate this!?

one of the booths at the expo was yurbuds.  have you heard of them? they are the most comfortable ear buds i have ever tried...& they have really great sound quality.  i have been using the stock iphone buds forever & borrowing shawn's nixon's for race day, but once i tried these i knew i had to have them.  
they have a unique twist and lock feature which secures them without drowning out surrounding sounds..which i like because that way i can be aware of my surroundings when running outdoors. they come by size...and mine have two sizes, so when shawn wants to borrow pink yurbuds, he can;)
shawn bought these for me for a good luck gift for my first half marathon!! i'm super excited to use them. 

i just put the finishing touches on my playlist...tonight we will be {lightly} carb loading & hitting the hay early.... race starts at 7am! my outfit is laid out & i feel ready... update to come tomorrow! happy running!


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  1. Love the ear buds! Shawn is so sweet, what a perfect good luck gift! The iphone ones hurt my ears, I might have to check these out. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow <3