Monday, August 22, 2011

thoughts of fall

even though i jusssst got my highlights done & a little trimmy, trim, trim...and summer is not quite over...fall IS right around the corner, and for the first time (like, ever!) i am actually looking forward to fall..  it is perhaps my favorite season.  and i'm ready for the cooler evenings. i'm ready for the cozy sweaters & the boots, and the leggings & scarves...  which also leaves me feeling like i need to go a little more "fall" with my hair.  i've always been BLONDE blonde..but i'm considering leaving it behind and going for a more natural looking blonde- what i like to call a honey, caramel blonde. something along the lines of...:




  1. ahh yes yes yes! You would look great with hair that color! I can't wait to see it <3

  2. Loving the hairstyle!!!!