Sunday, April 3, 2011

water for elephants

i have been hearing so much buzz about water for elephants.  this new york times best seller is being made into a movie with reese witherspoon (love) & robert pattinson (also, love) to be released this month people!! taking place in the 1920's during the depression era, it is the story of jacob: a young man in veterinary school whose parents die, forcing him to drop out of school and find a job.  he uses his animal expertise to join a circus where he learns that his schizophrenic boss, August, is abusive to the animals & his own wife, Marlena - ultimately, Jacob & Marlena fall in love..a romantic page turner about morals, love, & the bond of people & animals. sounds like my kind of book! have you read this? will you see the movie?

i'm dying over reese's look in the movie. her hair, makeup, & outfits are amazing. i think i was 20's girl in a previous life;)



  1. This book has been on my reading list for awhile, but I haven't gotten to it. I always find another book that sparks my interest. And I have been majorly in the mood to read serious fluff. But since I've seen the trailer I think that I might read it next.

  2. I am reading it right now and I can't put the book down!!! It's a page turner!! I am SUPER excited to see the movie in a few weeks...